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Howdy! So happy you made it to my page - I hope it inspires you to take on the challenge of baking and cooking. There's nothing more satisfying than having a cheat day that YOU prepared. 


I started this “flog” for a couple reasons:

First, I wanted to change my career from finance and move into something more creative, but every job in the food industry that I applied to led to another rejection - no one wanted to take the risk. So, I decided to prove to myself that I could have the best of both worlds: make my way into that world without a culinary degree and still keep my day job.

Second, because I wanted to document all the foods (sweet & savory) I was making, that way, I had some place to store everything – pictures and recipes. The reason this isn’t a traditional blog is because you won’t be scrolling through loads of writing just to find the recipe... "why" you may ask? Because:


1. I don’t like to write

2. you’re here for the recipe not a journal.

Explore and Enjoy!

Bon Appètit

xoxo Serena